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lundi 1 novembre 2004

Dear American friends...


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lundi 12 juillet 2004

Sherlock is back !

Sherlock loves me again![1] He will help me to give you the last news. I do not feel able to make a whole English post but there is an innovation on my weblog about which I make a point of speaking to you. In the sidebar, you will find a link "Ecoutez la musique" in the Gadgets heading. This link opens a pop-up with a mp3 reader. For the moment it has only a few pieces there, those which I could easily transfer because they were already on my computer. Next days I will add pieces. Those among you who read French (or who is friendly with Sherlock ;-)) can read the post Dans mon juke-box where I explain the choice of the selected tracks.

Enjoy !


[1] That's a private joke with Rob : Sherlock is a Mac software translator.

mardi 18 mai 2004

English spoken!

Hello Greer, Kirsty, Saffron, Rodrigo, Corianto, Daniel, Alex, Rob and Rob...
Welcome on my blog. Later, I intend to speak here about opera or spectacles, concerts or readings or anything else, which know? But for the moment I'm satisfied to try to do something pretty for the eyes. (click on "Lire la suite" below to read more)

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